5 Risks of Do-It-Yourself AC Repair

Air conditioners always seem to fail at the most inopportune times. When your air conditioner falters on the hottest day of the year, it can be tempting to try to repair your own AC. After all, you can save hundreds of dollars in repair costs and the problem may be something very simple. And what could go wrong? Before long, you have convinced yourself to dive in and tackle the AC repair process on your own.

An inexperienced person attempting to repair a broken air conditioner in the heat of summer typically does more harm than good. If you are trying to discover why your air conditioner making noise, you might be unaware of the risks associated with do-it-yourself air conditioner repair. Electrocution, harmful chemicals, extreme heat conditions and the lack of a warranty are pitfalls that combine to create a recipe for disaster for homeowners who decide to try to repair their AC on their own. TemperaturePro’s Licensed AC Service Manager, Eric Santos, acknowledges that even the most experienced service managers are at risk for injury:

“There are many ways a technician can be hurt or killed doing this job. I’m trained and take many precautions…But yes, I’ve been shocked, cut, and burned. It’s always a wake-up call.”

Clearly, it is imperative to be aware of the key risks associated with do-it-yourself AC repair. Below are5 of the biggest risks facing people who attempt to repair their own AC:

1) You could get electrocuted. Sometimes people forget that an air conditioner is an electrical appliance. Tampering with the internal mechanisms can put you at risk of electrocution. There are warning labels on your AC for a reason.

Don’t open your AC unit, as this could void your warranty with both your original installer and the manufacturer. And, don’t even think about replacement fan blades for air conditioners. You don’t want to take apart a portion of the equipment only to discover that you cannot put it back together. If your ac fan not working, the unit is malfunctioning or it smells like rubber is burning, there could be a problem with the internal wiring or motor. You should turn off the master switch immediately and contact an HVAC expert. Failure to take this precaution could result in burns or a fire.

2) Exposure to harmful gases and chemicals could make you sick. Exposure to carbon monoxide and Freon could lead to illness or even death. And because Freon is virtually odorless and tasteless, it can be nearly impossible to recognize that you have been overexposed to Freon until it is too late.

3) You could suffer a fall or other injury. When most people think of DIY HVAC repair, they envision the condenser that is typically located on the ground outside the home.

4) It’s hot up there! In addition to the increased risk for falling, you will be at greater risk for dehydration and heatstroke. This is especially the case if you attempt to repair your furnace or other AC components in your attic, where temperatures can reach 120 degrees.However, air conditioning repairs may require you to address problems with the furnace that is located in your attic. Working high above ground without the proper equipment puts you at an increased risk for falls.

5) You receive no warranty if you decide to repair your own AC. Even if you are able to get your AC unit running again, there is no guarantee that it will continue to function properly. And without the security of a warranty, you could find yourself facing the exact same set of AC repair issues and risks all over again.

Resist the Temptation of DIY HVAC Repair

If the thought of sweltering heat, risk of injury and lack of warranty makes you nervous, then you should give us a call at 770-988-4822. Our expert repair technicians have the tools and resources to handle live electrical circuits, harmful chemicals, dangerous heights, extreme heat and replacement fan blades for air conditioners. Let us protect you from injury by handling the heat and dangers associated with AC repair. We look forward to providing you with the highest quality repair services at an affordable rate!