5 Things To Do When Your AC Goes Out

The middle of summer is approaching fast and it seems like the heat is just showing no mercy. Now is the time to make sure your air conditioner is working properly. Check out the following tips to make sure that your AC is doing what it should and keeping you cool.

broken thermostat
  1. Check Your Air Filter

Your air filter is your first line of defense from hot, dusty air. It’s vital to keep your air filter clean and regularly changed to keep the clean, cool air throughout your system. If your filter is clogged or dirty, air flow will be restricted and cause your AC to malfunction. Studies have shown that a dirty air filter can reduce AC efficiency by nearly 10%!

  1. Check Thermostat Batteries

We know it seems like it’s too simple, but you would be surprised at how this can be easily overlooked!

  1. Check The Circuit Breaker

This is a simple fix if you know what to look for, circuits can get all out of order pretty frequently. All you need to do if find your circuit breaker and flip the switch. If you don’t notice any changes you might want to reach out to an electrician to see if there is a more complex issue.

  1. Check The Coil On The Outside Of Your Machine

A well maintained condenser coil is crucial to having an efficient AC unit. It your coil is covered in debris like leaves or grass just take a hose and gently spray it all away. Just another great example of how important it is to keep your unit clean and maintained.

  1. Call Your Local TemperaturePro!

Your local TemperaturePro is always prepared! Our technicians are ready to lend you a hand with fast, and affordable service! We take great pride in our service and hope to keep all our customers comfortable this Summer!